Six Tips To Increase Your Affiliate Commission

6 Tips to increase your affiliate commission

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone else’s products online and earn a commission. For instance, an online entrepreneur or a physical or digital business may own an extensive catalog or a vast inventory of physical and digital goods. They allow others to sell and promote these products, paying them a percentage of each sale made through their website.

Digital Entrepreneur

This is where the opportunity for making money through affiliate marketing comes in. The digital entrepreneur can use their website to sell products or services to people searching online. For instance, the manufacturer of a physical product such as Best Buy would allow affiliates to promote and sell their products on their own website or social media.

6 Tips To Increase your Affiliate Commission

Basic Tips For Affiliate Marketing

But before getting into affiliate marketing, you must have some basic tips that you can apply to ensure your success. So here are six tips for affiliate marketing that you can use: having an audience, building your audience, creating compelling content, using social media, search engine optimization, and work with the merchant.

Have An Audience

To generate revenue as an affiliate marketer, you must have an audience. This is an essential part of affiliate marketing. Without a solid and responsive audience, you won’t be able to generate a profit, and thus, passive income will not happen.

Compelling Content

To have a substantial audience, you can start by doing article writing and marketing. Write as many articles as you can about different topics that relate to your niche. Submit these articles to article directories so that people can find them. The more articles you submit, the more opportunity you have to generate a lead or click-through to your website. When you create a lead, you can then send them to your affiliate links to buy products.

6 Tips To Increase your Affiliate Commission

Responsive Customers

The second tip for affiliate marketing success is to have a solid and responsive consumer base. To do this, you should build a list of consumer opt-in lists or mailing lists. Your mailing list will comprise the names and email addresses of the people who have agreed to receive your affiliate links in their email inbox.

If you want to get paid based on your consumer contact, you must follow some other affiliate marketing tips. For one, you should make sure that you only send emails to consumers interested in what you have to offer. This will ensure that you don’t waste time or money sending emails to people who don’t need your product and may end up in their junk mailbox.

Socially Active

Another tip to help you get paid based on your audience is to be active on social media platforms. Social media platforms enable you to interact with your audience, which will influence their purchasing decision. For instance, specific influencers on Twitter and Facebook are followers of yours, but they aren’t necessarily buying your product. These influencers are influential because they can spread the word about your product quickly, but they aren’t specifically targeting your audience. As a result, when these influencers recommend your products to their audiences, they drive up your affiliate commissions.

Search Engine Optimization

Affiliate programs such as Google’s AdSense allow you to offer relevant advertisements to your consumers, which will drive up your affiliate commissions. The more targeted your advertising is to your audience, the more likely it is that your consumer will click on it and then purchase from your site. This is called “conversion rates” in affiliate marketing, and it is essential to choose your advertising carefully. Search Engine Optimization strategies help you to convert your leads and target appropriately. If your ads are too general, your audience will likely feel “spoiled” by them – they’ll quickly click away from your website rather than clicking through to your merchant site, which means that you won’t get any revenue from this “bait” advertising method.

Work With Merchant

Last but certainly not least is to work with your merchant. Most merchants understand that their customers want to purchase the products they are interested in, so they wish to allow you to offer those products to them. However, it’s also vital that you communicate with your potential merchant exactly how they can promote your affiliate products to their current consumers and the techniques they should use to do so. If you can’t provide the answer to that question, your marketing efforts won’t succeed.

Courses To Get You Started With A Turbo Boost

There are many affiliate marketing courses out there but most will not land you high-ticket payouts. I strongly urge you to learn from the best and these are my recommendations:

The Brambila Method – a combination of side hustles, one of which is affiliate marketing.  Perfect course for diversified income methods.  This is my personal favorite.

If you scroll down to the bottom of that same page you will see all of Adrian Brambila’s courses and the other two I recommend are Side Hustle Academy and Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp.

I have also had decent success with courses on Udemy but if you really want to get an in-depth program, Adrian Brambila has the best.

Save big. Learn anytime. Courses from $12.99.


When you’re looking for ways to increase your affiliate commissions, be sure to look at all of your options carefully. First, look for a solid program that offers relevant and useful digital products (and even eBooks) that you can resell to your customers. Second, work with your merchant to create a custom landing page specifically for them to promote their products. Finally, develop an understanding of the best ways to promote your affiliate marketing campaign through online courses and online forums.

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