5 Ways to Cut Costs Every Day – Cut Your Spending to Save Money Today

Cut Utility Expenses

Everyone is looking for great ways to cut costs. If you want to cut your utility bills, one of the best ways is to conserve water. Most people don’t think to check their water usage each month. There is a way to be sure that you are using far less water than you are. Start by buying an efficient faucet. One way to save money on your water bill is only to use the hot water option. Try turning off the shower when you don’t need it. It might seem like a strange thing to do, but it actually saves a lot of money.

If you can, install solar panels at your home.  Not everyone has the ability to do so, but right now, there are tremendous rebate programs for energy savings.

Gas Consumption

If you own a vehicle, it’s a good idea to fill up your tank every day. If you don’t, then you should consider purchasing a hybrid or electric car. These cars use a lot less fuel than traditional cars, and they will save you money every day.

My solution was to quit my job and work from home.  Not everyone can do that, but I saved at least $100 a week by not commuting to work.


Coupons for groceries can really save you a lot of money. Coupons are available for restaurants, groceries, services, products, and more.  Yes, you can even find coupons for meats, fruit, and vegetables quite often. Additionally, coupons can be printed online and are available with store apps and coupon apps such as iBotta.  Many printable coupons can be printed twice. Discount sites are also great options such as Groupon and MyVipon.

You can find coupons to cut in weekly mailers, newspapers, magazines, and more. Additionally, coupon clipping services are available, or you can even purchase whole inserts.


It is relatively easy to save money on clothing.  The easiest way is through purchasing at thrift stores and second-hand stores.  Personally, I love doing this because I can sometimes even purchase clothing to resell and make additional money, and there are so many styles that I can’t find just anywhere.

Next, shop sales with store coupons.  For example, Kohls’s offers coupons in the mail, their app, in-store sales, and even clearance.  If those are still unreachable financially, many churches and towns have a way to receive clothing for free.

Online Shopping

Another great way to cut your spending is to only shop once for a particular item. You may already have the item in mind, or you may not know what you want. Either way, the internet is a great way to search for discounts and save money on your purchases. You can do comparison shopping online to see what retailers have the best prices on the item you want to buy. It is the most convenient and effective way to buy something this way.  Comparison shopping is so easy with Chrome extensions such as Honey.


There are so many great ways to save money.  These are just the tip of the iceberg.


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