• Artificial Intelligence The Impact On Casinos

    Artificial Intelligence – The Impact On Casinos

    Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is a high-tech field that is rapidly growing, especially in industries such as gambling. To maintain a competitive edge and keep up with these technologically charged days, gambling platforms and casino operators have been forced to integrate innovative solutions. And artificial intelligent systems are the most advanced among them all. Artificial intelligence is designed to add order to the mayhem of casino data collection and analytical methods. AI depends on highly multifaceted and intricate statistical models and algorithms to follow orders and go beyond instructions, learn reflexively and improve so that it can perform better as time progresses. How casinos are currently using artificial intelligence Casinos…

  • The Road To Entrepreneurial Success
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    The Road To Entrepreneurial Success

    A year ago, I had a more than full-time job paying six figures. But, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  A new boss was challenging and rude and a bully.  So many high-level employees left, and so did I. Although this transition was scary, I knew I could become successful as an entrepreneur since I had in the past on a part-time basis. How did I dig out?  The first tip I have is to diversify.  When you are your own boss, it is not a good idea to have all of your eggs in one basket. Through Simple Pennies, I will outline how I have achieved…

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    Affiliate Marketing Start Working From Home Now!

    This post contains affiliate links and may result in earnings for Simple Pennies Affiliate Marketing Tips Amazon Associates is one of the primary arrangement of affiliate promoting programs was the first released in 1996. It has a reputation of 12 long years for making a profit on Amazon. Web Owners, Merchants, and Designers have made fortunes in Amazon Affiliate. People are disappointed with low CPC and low earnings from Ad Networks. So they are moving more towards Affiliate Networks. Amazon Affiliate Network is one of the most trusted and best paying Affiliate Networks to start with. So choosing an excellent affiliate course is essential to achieve success. #1 Learn a Little…

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    4 Productivity Tips While Working From Home

    Working From Home Can Be Challenging With more and more people than ever working from home, there can be a learning curve on keeping productive while ignoring the distractions that can fill a house daily. While it isn’t all that difficult, it does take some discipline. So here are some quick tips on stay focused and free from stress while you begin your work-from-home journey. #1 Make A Plan Have an action plan, or a to-do list if you prefer, that you write up the night before. This list will alleviate a lot of the indecision that you are sure to experience when beginning to work from home. One major…

  • Work From Home

    Easier Than Ever To Work From Home With Uber!

    Since COVID started, more and more of us are working from home in one capacity or another. For example, in my area of Connecticut, we have very few taxis and one bus with a limited schedule.  With Uber, you can not only help people in your area, but you can also work from home! It is more possible than ever to work from home and make an excellent living doing so.  At this point in my life, my children and my mother-in-law need me to work from home, and doing so definitely makes my husband’s life easier.  He no longer needs to worry constantly about the family. Now Uber is…

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    Simple Pennies Introduction

    Congratulations!  You have found Simple Pennies and we are thrilled to have you along on this journey to financial wellness and success. Simple Pennies has a goal of helping people to live more financially successful lives. With information, health, and opportunity this can be achieved. We love feedback so if you know of anything else that can help our readers financially, please share it with us. We will read it. Send feedback to athenasimplepennies(at)gmail.com