The Road To Entrepreneurial Success

The Road To Entrepreneurial Success

A year ago, I had a more than full-time job paying six figures. But, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  A new boss was challenging and rude and a bully.  So many high-level employees left, and so did I.

Although this transition was scary, I knew I could become successful as an entrepreneur since I had in the past on a part-time basis.

How did I dig out?  The first tip I have is to diversify.  When you are your own boss, it is not a good idea to have all of your eggs in one basket.

Through Simple Pennies, I will outline how I have achieved success personally and financially.


Blogging has always been a source of income for me, but I never dedicated significant time. However, working on it religiously now has proven very fruitful.  In the process, I have also started two additional sites, one of which is


I have always had two writing gigs through Fiverr, but now I set up ten gigs.  If you are home full-time, I highly recommend setting up the max.

Affiliate Marketing

This is my greatest source of income at the moment, and I highly recommend it.  The flexibility of working as a digital marketer is different than any other entrepreneurial activity.  There are many programs available, but I recommend Amazon the most.  His course is no-nonsense and a proven plan step by step to success.


Although I don’t do a great deal of this activity, I will do it if requested.  Generally, I will only accept these requests if they are project-based – not long-term needs.


I have written several books and am in the process of writing more.  Additionally, I’d like to start working with low-content books. Mostly I sell my books on Amazon but I may add in other programs in the future.


Although I don’t promote my Etsy store, I do occasionally receive sales for digital products.  It takes no effort on my part, so it is easy money.


As soon as I quit my job the first thing I did was open a Webull account and start investing.  If you sign up with the link I am providing, you will start your account with two free stocks.  One of my free stocks was AMC and it is doing very well!

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